Government & Industry Submissions

 Representing the interests of NHAA members and the professions of Western herbal medicine and naturopathy, the NHAA Board regularly works on submissions to Government and related industry bodies in a range of areas. See below for more information and copies of the submissions.

VETAB Health Training Package review November 2009

To the Vocational Education & Training Accreditation Board in response to review of Health Training Package 07. To outline concerns expressed by our accredited course providers in relation to both HLT 07 content and current auditing processes. Also forwarded to the CS&H Industry Skills Council as part of the continuous improvement process for HLT 07.

Download: VETAB submission 

ARONAH establishment support July 2009

To the Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists Steering Committee giving in principle support to the establishment of an independent register of naturopaths and herbalists.

Download: ARONAH submission 

NHHRC Report submission March 2009

To the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission in response to their interim report, A Healthier Future for all Australians, released in December 2008. Expressing support for the themes of the report: Taking responsibility; Connecting care; Facing inequities; Driving quality performance, and relating these to the need for greater integration of herbalists and naturopaths into the Australian health care system.

Download: NHHRC submission 

The NHHRC website has a summary or an overview of the report as well as the complete document.  

2020 Summit promotion of CAM April 2008

A short submission to the Government's 2020 Summit (submissions were limited to 500 words) promoting greater use of complementary medicine practitioners in the future of Australian health care. We also nominated 2 board members as participants in the Summit and one was accepted (Lesley Braun).  

Download: 2020 Summit submission 

SA Bogus & Unregistered Practitioners April 2008

To the Social Development Committee of the South Australian Parliament, on Bogus, Unregistered and Deregistered Health Practitioners. In response to their enquiry into such practitioners following media reports. Two board members were also invited to give a presentation. The NHAA submission discusses the current state of unregistered practitioners in Australia, highlights the high standards of NHAA practitioner members and how these practitioners are also brought into disrepute by bogus practitioners and the benefits of regulation to help stop these people from preying on the sick and vulnerable.

Download: SA Bogus & Unregistered Practitioners submission 

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