Media release: CAM use by Australian women with menopausal symptoms

Statement from NHAA regarding prevalence of CAM use and visits to CAM practitioners for Australian women aged 40-65 years with menopausal symptoms. Download the pdf of this release

Naturopaths and Herbalists have a strong history of supporting women through all life stages through the use of diet and lifestyle advice as well as informed use of herbal medicine and nutritional supplements. 

The NHAA is proud to represent highly qualified and respected practitioners who deliver high quality care for their clients.

The quality of plant based medicines and nutritional supplements must be of the highest standard in line with Australian Government requirements and the NHAA supports measures that ensure consistency and quality of products available in Australia.

The NHAA has long been, and continues to be, strongly in favour of measures that ensure the skills, integrity and professionalism of Naturopaths and Herbalists in Australia.  To this end, we support regulation of the profession of naturopathy and herbal medicine through statutory registration.  The NHAA was also a key player in establishing a degree as the minimum education standard (from 2017).

Ongoing research ensures the professions of naturopath and herbal medicine bring together a combination of the best of contemporary science with traditional usage and wisdom.  The NHAA publishes the peer reviewed ‘Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine’ as part of our support of research in these fields.

There is a general belief that because complementary and alternative therapies are “natural” they are safe and harmless.  The NHAA advocates that these therapies should be prescribed by suitably trained practitioners in a clinical setting rather than self prescribed using over the counter products.

The NHAA has been setting standards for the profession since 1920 and continues to work with various government and educational bodies to ensure our members provide safe and effective healthcare for the Australian public.