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Fiona Rattur @ The Natural Therapist

Gender: Female
46 Hollywell Rd
Biggera Waters

Opposite Meto Market Shopping Centre in Biggera Waters.

Clinic Phone: 425725157

Fiona is a Naturopath who aims to restore health and increase vitality. Fiona has a special interest in food as medicine, mental health, emotional wellbeing and intuitive healing. For more information on Fiona and her style of practice please refer to the website.


Naturopaths can use a combination of diagnostic tools to assess your level of health including taking a comprehensive personal history, iris analysis, physical examinations including nail and tongue analysis.


To bring balance to the body the following natural therapies may be used: Herbal medicine, Nutritional medicine, Counseling, Reiki, Homeopathy and Flower essence therapy.


Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy



Clinic Map: