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Sarah Harvey - All Health Clinic (herbalist - naturopath)

Gender: Female
37a Rohini St,

We are right next to the station and there is a big council car park nearby

Clinic Phone: 02-94401631
Mobile Phone: 402570214
Clinic Email: sarahgharvey@gmail.com

The All Health Clinic is a multi-modality clinic with psychologists, massage therapists, relexologists ad well as Sarah (herbalist/naturopath).


- Master of Health Science (Herbal Medicine)

- Bachelor of Health Science (Hons)

- Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine

- Naturopathic Diploma


National Herbalists Association of Australia


Other Activities:

Sarah leads an active life, juggling between her family, her business and her garden. This year 2010 is the first year she has not been a student for many years, and she feels she misses it. Where to next with the studies?

Clinic Map: