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Nathan Davis - Beyond Good Health Medical Clinic

Gender: Male
13 / 221 Waterworks Rd
Clinic Phone: 07 3366 8955
Clinic Email: antiaging.nd@gmail.com

Qualified Herbalist, Nutritionist and Naturopath who is trained in a variety of other areas, such as Dark Field Live Blood Analysis (Hemaview), urinary and saliva pH testing (“RBTI” – Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation), the NAET - START Detox Stress Program and the HCG Fat Burn Body Contouring™ Programme. He also uses Cellular Health Analysis, Advanced NIS Kinesiology as part of his traditional naturopathic treatment plans.

I bring an extensive knowledge of nutritional and naturopathic medicines, as well as a holistic approach to treatments. My special areas of interest include biomesotherapy injections to speed up areas of health, extra cellular matrix detoxification, hormonal hcg weight loss, food and environmental sensitivities, sleep, and children’s health including ADD, ADHD etc and Anti-aging.

I have also been trained and mentored by a Holistic GP, Dr Dzung Price who i currently work with. I have been trained to do IV Cannulation and IM Injections under a GPs care which i currently do 2x week.

I love to do testing like RBTI Urine and Saliva, Live Blood Analysis, NIS Kinesiology, EIS 3D Body Scan etc to pin point the direction of treatment needed. 

My focus is on educating clients so that they are empowered to use the tools provided to maintain their own path of health and well being. The body will indicate signs of stress, malnutrition and illness in a variety of ways, and Nathan is passionate about recognizing these signs and creating effective and easy treatment plans to allow his patients to achieve their wellness goals.


BHSc Western Herbal Medicine
BHSc Nutritional Medicine 
Adv Dip Naturopathy


National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)

Australian Society for Bioregulatory Medicine (ASBRM)

Ausralian College of Medical Nutrition (ACMN)

Other Activities:

Skills & Training/Certification

Live Blood Analysis

Urine & Saliva Analysis (RBTI )

Heavy Metal Testing (HTMA)

Neurological Integration Systems (NIS)

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