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Jocelyn Carter - Moonhawk Healing Natural Therapies

Gender: Female
Level 2, 16 Wilbow St
Clinic Phone: 02 6260 4774
Mobile Phone: 0410629173
Clinic Email: jocelyn@moonhawk.com.au

I became a naturopath so I can help people take a pathway to better health and wellbeing. I work with clients to achieve this through the use of herbs, functional nutrition, essential oils, and lifestyle changes. Area i can help you with include:         digestive function & health through strategies to repair the GIT & maintain peak digestive function         immune health through strengthening the immune system to prevent illness, & provide symptomatic relief when a person is unwell         oncology - supportive care for cancer patients         Genomic wellness & nutritional genomics         headaches (migraine and tension) by identifying triggers, prevention & symptomatic relief         skin conditions e.g acne, dermatitis, eczema, fragile skin, poor would healing, rosacea, psoriasis         chronic/complex health conditions e.g fatigue, fibromyalgia, MS         mental health by assisting people to build resilience          diabetes and pre-diabetes/metabolic syndrome through healthy eating plans, coaching clients through lifestyle changes, and herbal/nutritional supplements         Initial appointment for corrective care/treatment programs to address current and/or ongoing  health issues (60 minutes)         Follow up appointments for wellness/maintenance to maintain your health and wellbeing (20-45 minutes)         Short appointments for symptomatic/acute care to provide symptomatic relief for acute infections and other medical conditions         Longer appointments (up to 90 minutes) for complex/chronic health conditions Pathology testing services available through NutriPATH and BioScreen Medical I offer 3 levels of care  A refund for a consultation is available from most private health funds. I offer a number of programs to manage a range of health conditions, for example, a immune support program for the cold/flu season, several detox programs preventing seasonal allergies, a program for ongoing health and wellbeing. 


Bachelor of Health Sciences, Charles Sturt University Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine, Health Schools Australia Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, Health Schools Australia Certificate of Aromatherapy, Certificate of Massage Therapy, Reiki Master, Aromatic Kinesiology, Touch for Health


National Herbalists Association of Australia Australian Tradtion Medicine Society Australian Reiki Connection

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