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Tamara Gibson, Anahata Therapies

Gender: Female
17 Myahgah Road

Enter via Vista Street opposite the carpark

Clinic Phone: (02) 9969 3460
Mobile Phone: 0402 190 257
Clinic Email: Enquiries

Tamara is a qualified Naturopath who believes that there is a delicate interplay between our health and the life that we lead. She feels that not only do we need a strong foundation of health on which to build, we also need to ensure that we maintain our health by nurturing it daily. Tamara understands that each person is unique, and therefore may experience health imbalances in different ways. It is this individuality of symptoms and therefore treatment plans that has become the focus of Tamara‚Äôs work. Tamara takes the time to understand your health concerns and other factors that may contribute to your wellbeing. She will establish a comprehensive patient profile and work with you to create a personalised treatment plan. 

  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
  • Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy
  • BA Leisure Management
  • Cert IV Training and Assessment


Clinic Map: