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Sofia Di Stefano - Body to Balance

Gender: Female
Suite 1.8/1091 Stud Road
Clinic Phone: 03 8288 1937

Sofia is a qualified Naturopath who has grown up with natural medicine and embraces naturopathic philosophies in her own life. She is very aware of the connection between nutrition, herbal medicine and health. She is passionate about women’s health, with a special interest in female reproductive disorders, fertility and the promotion of healthy pregnancies and babies. Sofia educates and empowers her patients to reach their health goals through realistic treatment programs that suit the individual. Through her warm and empathetic personality, Sofia excels at connecting with each patient’s personal needs. She aims to find the cause of any health complaint through detailed case taking and naturopathic testing in order to achieve long lasting results. She may utilise herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, flower essences or diet and lifestyle changes to bring the body into full health and strength. Whilst she has a special interest in women’s health, Sofia also works extensively with digestive disorders, mental health and many other conditions. 


Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy


NHAA Accredited

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