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Cavedon Naturopathy- Pia Cavedon- BHSc

Gender: Female
233 Honour Avenue
Clinic Phone: 0491 115 163

Pia Cavedon is a university qualified clinical Naturopath completing her degree in a Bachelor of Health science Naturopathy/Nutrition. Pia is dedicated to integrating the best scientific evidence with the traditional values of natural medicine and nutrition such as 'treating the cause' and 'educating her clients about their health'. In addition to general practice and treating chronic conditions, Pia also has a clinical focus in Women's Health. Pia is involved with current research, is realistic in her treatment and prescribing and provides collaborative care for her patients. * Pia also commonly treats men and children. Pia maintains expertise in Nutritional medicine, Herbal Medicine and individualised dietary and lifestyle advice.


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy/Nutrition)



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