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Laura Hvala

Gender: Female
14 Drew Street
Clinic Phone: 03 9014 9893
Mobile Phone: 0422515430

Mandala Health is a multi-modality service, guided by the philosophical principles of alternative, holistic and integrative medicine and therapeutic processes that support mindbody health & healing.  Clients benefit from a unique offering of integrative and multidisciplinary services, in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine using Iridology and Biochemical Tests; and Psychotherapy & Counselling, focusing on Jungian, ‘Soul Centred’, experiential and emotion processing interventions. Iris analysis and a constitutional assessment is generally carried out in the initial consultation, with other biochemical and functional tests and diagnostic procedures to pinpoint constitutional, lifestyle and environmental conditions that may be contributing to poor health.The following modalities are used to facilitate the natural healing processes and alleviate associated distress that goes with many acute and chronic conditions.  Health assessment, diet analysis and nutritional recommendations; herbal medicine treatments, vitamin & mineral supplementations and Bach Flower treatments. A personalised approach is used in the treatment of all conditions. Treatment strategies may be developed for: fatigue, poor immunity and associated inflammatory conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, and arthritis.  Digestion, cardiovascular and respiratory weakness, nervous system related conditions, hormone disturbances including: cold and flu, pain, fatigue, weight gain or loss, Syndrome X, menstrual and fertility disturbances, stress, trauma, anxiety or tension related problems. 


Laura Hvala - Naturopath and Psychotherapist BSc (Biochemistry, Physiology); GradDip (Education); AdvDipHSc (Naturopathy); DipHSc (Nutrition); DipHSc (Herbal Medicine); Dip (Soul Centred Psychotherapy); GradDip (Psychotherapy & Counselling). 


Association Member:  NHAA 154365; CAPAV Clinical 0417; PACFA Clinical 22004 

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