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Anastasia Panourakis Naturopath Melbourne Natural Wellness

Gender: Female
Level 4, 178 Collins Street
Clinic Phone: 03 9662 1311
Mobile Phone: +61 400 348 384
Clinic Email: Anastasia Panourakis

Naturopathy works holistically with the fundamental belief that your body is able to restore balance, fight infection and overcome disease. A naturopath treats the cause, not the symptom of health dysfunction and offers patients a corrective, preventative and predictive approach to healthcare. The real causes of poor health are identified and corrected, often providing dramatic results where other treatments may have failed. A Naturopath is specifically skilled to fully assess your health status by drawing on a number of diagnostic techniques and tests. The results of these assessments form the basis of therapy, which may include herbal medicine, nutritional medicine or homeopathic medicine in addition to dietary guidance and lifestyle techniques.  As a Naturopath, I can support, encourage and professionally advise you to make positive changes that you're ready for and help you achieve optimal health.        


~Bachelor of health science: Naturopathy. ~Cert 1 and 2 Touch for Health Kinesiology. ~Metaphysics, mind-body medicine and spiritual studies. 


Member of NHAA - National Herbalists Association of Australia

Other Activities:

* Reception hours 9.30am-6.30pm Mon-Fri

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