Naturally Supporting Cancer Treatment
by Jenny Graves

Do you struggle with cancer patients’ support? Do clients pick and choose which advice they follow?

It’s hard to educate oncology clients on everything they should do whilst you’re supporting them during their treatment and beyond. They don’t always understand the importance of diet and lifestyle changes, and producing handouts that cover everything that they need to know is time-consuming.

This is where Jenny Graves’ book, Naturally Supporting Cancer Treatment, can help. Jenny is a fellow naturopath and a leukaemia survivor.

Naturally Supporting Cancer Treatment shows them the evidence for:

  • the foods that help, those to avoid, and the best cancer diets
  • why stress reduction is valuable and the best ways to achieve it
  • the importance of exercise and the types that might suit them
  • the links between insomnia and cancer, and how to sleep better
  • how some toxins can cause cancer, and ways to avoid them
  • which supplements and herbs can help prevent cancer, support chemotherapy and radiation, and reduce side effects, plus their contraindications, interactions and side effects. Readers are advised to see a naturopath, so this won’t undermine your advice.

An ongoing offer to natural health practitioners of a 25% discount on the retail price of $49.95 reduces the cost to $37.50 (GST and postage inclusive). This is to encourage them to stock it in their dispensaries. Order with no risk, with a 30 day money-back guarantee (T&Cs apply). Download the order form from

Jenny has no plans to practice, so she also wants to create a referral network for anyone buying the book elsewhere and wanting support. This will be offered to anyone purchasing the book from this offer.

The book is also available as an eBook for $11.99 and is available in all formats from but this offer will not apply.