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Calm mind, focused brain. An in-depth review of bacopa & CDRI 08 in cognition

Calm mind, focused brain. An in-depth review of bacopa & CDRI 08 in cognition

13 April 2021 12:00 am - 13 July 2021 6:00 am

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Recorded Webinar

Hear global neuroscienceexpert in cognitive health and ageing, Prof. Con Stough, provide an in-depth review of the research and clinical uses of the ancient herb bacopa and the highly studied extract CDRI 08, in cognition. Across two informative webinars, Prof. Stough will:

  •         Describe the 50+ year history of development and research on CDRI 08
  •         Discuss the complexity of cognitive processes
  •         Examine the numerous human clinical and preclinical trials
  •         Outline the key mechanisms of action
  •         Review CDRI 08 safety, tolerability and production processes
  •         And more…
  • Outline the positive outcomes of CDRI 08 on learning, memory and mild anxiety
  • Reveal the two key factors that underpin cognitive ageing and are improved by CDRI 08
  • Describe the evidence-based clinical uses for CDRI 08
  • Discuss the acute and chronic dosing study outcomes

Prof. Stough is Professor of Cognitive Neurosciences and Director of the Swinburne Centre for Psychopharmacology. He has published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers in the areas of psychological assessment, biological psychology and psychopharmacology. Prof. Stough is currently coordinating the Australian Research Council Longevity Intervention—funded by the Australian government—on the effect of nutritional and herbal supplementation on cognitive function.

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