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Antimicrobial Resistance in UTIs – Exploring the Science of Cranberry

11 May 2021 12:00 am – 11 August 2021 6:00 am 


Hear global cranberry expert, Dr Amy Howell, discuss the prevalence of UTIs, the link with antimicrobial resistance, and the science of cranberry in UTI management.

In this concise clinical and evidence-based review, Dr Howell will:

  •        Discuss the prevalence and recurrence statistics of UTIs globally and in Australia
  •        Review the current medical management of UTIs
  •        Provide insights into the development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  •        Review the unusual PAC types and their metabolites in cranberry
  •        Examine the mechanisms of action for cranberry in UTIs
  •        Reveal how cranberry affects E.coli adherence to bladder cells
  •        Discuss the potential use of cranberry in UTI recurrence and AMR reduction
  •        Provide the scientific evidence for cranberry in UTIs for adults and children
  •        Discuss dosages and the advantages of supplemental cranberry
  •        And more…

Dr. Amy Howell is an associate research scientist at the Marucci Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research, Rutgers University. Since 1993, Dr. Howell has been engaged in research aimed at identifying the active compounds in cranberries for urinary tract infections and the prevention of antibiotic resistance, along with engagement in projects to identify ani-adhesion biomarkers and PAC validation methods. She is an internationally recognised speaker and has authored numerous research papers in high impact journals.

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BioMedica International Oncology Summit 2021 Notes & Recording

03 June 2021 12:00 pm – 03 September 2021 6:00 pm 

Recorded online summit

Making a difference in the life of a person with cancer

Date: March 2021
Duration: 10 learning hours
Webinar cost: $149

The BioMedica International Oncology Summit 2021, brings together pre-eminent International and National speakers in the fields of oncology and natural medicine. As the incidence of cancer continues to rise, there is an urgent need to ensure that patients are not only surviving cancer but living well.

There are currently over 1 million people in Australia who are living with or have lived with cancer. Overall incidence continues to rise with cancer being the leading cause of mortality, accounting for 3 out of every 10 deaths. After diagnosis, many patients experience a wide range of emotions including despair, disbelief or confusion. Holistic and natural medicine practitioners are well placed to offer significant support to patients at every stage of their cancer journey.

The Summit aims to equip practitioners with the knowledge and confidence to make a difference in the life of a person with cancer.

What You Walk Away With

  • Your purchase includes ongoing access to all presentation documentation and handouts including Q&A materials as well as a BONUS Q&A recording hosted by Garth Harris and Daniel Baden.
  • Practical clinical insights from International and National leading integrative oncology physicians, which can be immediately integrated into your clinical practice 
  • Increased confidence in delivering effective clinical interventions for patients at various stages of their cancer journey
  • An appreciation of holistic treatment priorities in the cancer patient

Our Speakers

  • Petrea King – CEO of the Quest for Life Foundation
  • Professor Ben Pfeifer – Professor and Director of Research Aeskulap-International, Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Professor Rupert Handgretinger – Professor and Department Chair Children’s University Hospital University of Tübingen, Germany
  • Tanya Wells – Director and Lead Clinician at Melbourne Integrative Oncology Group
  • Vivian Klaver – Clinical Nutritionist at Melbourne Integrative Oncology Group
  • Garth Harris – Co-Founder and Clinical Director of BioMedica Nutraceuticals
  • Daniel Baden  Co-Founder and Director Innovation of BioMedica Nutraceuticals

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MediHerb Live Stream Seminar. The Exhaustion Crisis

01 August 2021 9:30 am 

NB: Online event; start times will vary by state

The Exhaustion Crisis: Detecting & Treating Chronic Fatigue in Thyroid Disorders & Post-viral Syndromes

Exhaustion, fatigue and burnout have become exceedingly common symptoms in our patients, producing a physical and psychological burden that significantly impacts their day-to-day lives.

Understanding the dysfunctional cellular mechanics and deciphering clinical and pathology markers can assist us in connecting the underlying drivers contributing to physical and mental fatigue. As clinicians, we need to distinguish between the many facets and subtypes to formulate wholistic, individualised treatment plans for lasting results.

Our presenters will share with you their expertise in the treatment of a range of fatigue disorders, using a blend of research and case studies to incorporate pathophysiology, contributing biochemical processes and therapeutic strategies to guide your evaluation and treatment of the fatigued patient.

Date:                    Sunday 01 August  

Time:                   9.30am – 4.30pm (AEST)

Format:               Online – Live Stream

Speakers:            Prof Kerry Bone, Dr Elizabeth Steels, Tara Nelson


Supporting Cancer Survivors: Part 2 – Patients on long term hormone suppression therapy

12 August 2021 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm 


Presenter: Tanya Wells GCHPE, BSc, BHSc (Naturopathy),
Date: Thursday, 12th August 2021 at 12:00pm (AEST)
Duration: 30 minutes 

Hormonal factors are important drivers of growth in many oncology presentations including prostate cancer and some types of breast and gynaecological cancers. Androgen Deprivation Therapy and Oestrogen Suppression/Ovarian ablation are utilised as a standard treatment to suppress the impact of these growth pathways on progression of disease and to reduce the risk of recurrence. 
However, hormone suppression has consequences beyond the cancer process and there are significant side effects associated with long term therapy. Join Tanya Wells from Melbourne Integrative Oncology Group for this concise discussion of the main issues and a summary of when and how integrative support can have the greatest impact. 

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  •        What are the standard approaches for hormone mediated cancers
  •        Discussion of the types of hormone suppression therapy 
  •        Short and long term side effects of hormone suppression therapy 
  •        The clinician’s role in side effect management & Complementary Medicines that may be of benefit 
  •        Lifestyle and other considerations.

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