Junior Herbalist Club Sponsorship

The NHAA is excited to be launching an incredible new initiative for naturopaths and herbalists in Australia.

The Junior Herbalist Club Leader Training is set to be held at Torrens University in Sydney from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th October 2023, and we’d love to invite you to partner with us as an event sponsor.

Partnering with us to support this fantastic training will enable us to cover travel and accommodation expenses for the course leader, as well as all required equipment and materials, in turn training up the first generation of Junior Herbalists Club Leaders in Australia. Your partnership will not only assure the success of the event, but also demonstrate your recognition of the importance of bringing this type of education to children, making the knowledge accessible to all and safeguarding the future of herbal medicine in Australia. 

If you would like to sponsor the Junior Herbalist Club training program, please contact NHAA. 
Sponsorship contributions can be made via direct deposit.

NHAA Bank account: ANZ 012030-352472693