Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD (previously known as CPE – Continuing Professional Education) is about keeping yourself up to date in your chosen profession. Most professional associations require their members to complete a certain amount of CPD each year to ensure competency. This can take the form of activities such as seminars or ongoing formal study, or things like teaching, presenting and mentoring, as well as the purchase of books and journals etc. 

The NHAA requires all full members to complete documented CPD annually. This includes practicing and non practicing members, fellows, life members, and retired members who wish to remain up-to-date.

CPD is also required as part of your application if you are joining us with qualifications more than 12 months old, and from rejoining members who have not given us CPD for more than 12 months. 

Please see below for detailed information on the NHAA CPD system. If you have any questions please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , we're happy to help.

To complete your CPD, you will need:

  • 2021 CPD DIARY: This is where you list what CPD you have done. It's a word document, so you can either save it to your computer and type the details in or print and hand write it if you prefer. 
  • 2021 CPD GUIDE: Step by step instructions on how to fill out your CPD Diary, along with detailed lists of activities and hours and information on evidence.



When first joining

Taking a break - Suspending Membership

When to send in your CPD

Hours requirements

Activities and Allocation of hours

Evidence and Auditing

AJHNM CPD questionnaires



At the end of each financial year members list their CPD activities and hours for that year on a CPD diary and send it in to the NHAA office. Suitable activities are listed in the CPD Guide along with clear instructions on filling out the CPD Diary. 

The CPD system has been updated commencing 1st January 2020 and now features: 

  • A minimum total of 30 hours CPD required each year.
  • Compulsory minimum of 20 hours CPD from Formal Learning.
  • A maximum of 10 hours CPD from Informal Learning.
  • Flexibility for individual areas of interest and speciality.
  • Flexibility in regards to choice of activities.


When first joining

If you join within 12 months of graduating, you do not have to supply CPD for the rest of the membership year in which you join. CPD is collected on the financial year, so depending on when you completed your course you may get many or only a few months exemption. E.g. if completed in June, you get 12 months exemption from CPD, if you completed in Dec, you get only 6 months exemption from CPD.  

For all others, as you will have given us CPD with your application, your next CPD diary will be for the remainder of the membership year in which you join, pro-rata at 2.5 hours per month (not including the month you join). E.g. if you join in December, you will be asked for 15 hours at the end of the financial year, if you join in March, you will be asked for only 7.5 hours at the end of the financial year.  


Taking a break - Suspending Membership 

Full members can suspend their membership for up to 12 months and not supply evidence of CPD for this period when rejoining. If you would like to suspend your membership, contact the office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The CPD exemption does not apply if a member remains financial.
  • CPD must be up to date at the time you suspend.
  • Continuous repetitive suspension of membership may be queried by the examiners.
  • If suspending for more than 12 months, 30 CPD hours (acquired within the last year) are required to rejoin.


When to send in your CPD

During the introduction of the new CPD system in 2019-2020, please refer to the individual advice sent by the NHAA office. Thereafter:

CPD is due at the end of each membership (financial) year, for activities completed in the preceding 12 months. If you have the hours required earlier than that, then please do send in your CPD early - this is much appreciated! Your CPD must be received within 2 weeks after the end of the membership year and your annual membership / TGA certificate cannot be issued until it is received. Without CPD, your membership fees will be refunded, less 25% (administrative costs), and your membership cancelled or converted to Associate membership.


Hours requirements

A total of 30 hours per year (minimum) is required.

  • CPD is divided into Formal Learning (education normally delivered by trained teachers/professionals in a systematic intentional way) and Informal Learning (learning is unstructured and takes place away from formal learning settings). 
  • A minimum of 20 hours per year shall be from Formal Learning  
  • A maximum 10 hours per year shall be from Informal Learning
  • All Formal Learning must be via health-related activities
  • Informal Learning may include Clinical Practice and Business Related activities. 


Activities and Allocation of Hours

Most CPD activities and the hours they are worth are covered in the CPD Guide. However, below you will find some individual activities / courses that have been submitted for CPD and the hour values that have been allocated for them. If you have an activity that you think should be added, please contact the office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Individual Activities

  •          Sitting the GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test): 5 hours Formal Independent Learning
  •          Blackmores Distance Celloids Course: 6 hours Formal Non Independent Learning


Evidence and Auditing

You should maintain evidence of your annual CPD for at least 12 months after submitting your CPD diary. While you are NOT required to submit the evidence with your CPD diary every year, we do a random audit of 5% of full members annually and ask them for evidence to support their most recent diary. For examples of acceptable evidence see the evidence panel in the Guide.

The Board of Directors of the NHAA reserves the right to audit full members at other times to determine if they are meeting the CPD requirements.

If you are unable to meet the CPD requirements for any reason you should notify the NHAA as soon as possible. We will attempt to assist you wherever possible and reasonable.

In the event that CPD requirements are unmet or if a member does not wish to meet the requirements, options include cancellation of full membership and/or the offer of Associate membership.


While some evidence is very straight forward to collect (attendance certificates, receipts etc), it can be difficult to find for activities that do not generate such easily saved paperwork. Eg; Peer group meetings; Mentoring / Supervision meetings; Research / Writing hours; Free journals / books / newsletters.

A logbook can be used as evidence for these activities - they are simple to keep and reflect an accurate record. We recommend that you set up a logbook at the beginning of each year – you can use one logbook for all activities that require it or have separate logbooks if you have an activity that you do a lot. You can use any book / notebook as your logbook, or print and use our logbook template below:

Download: Logbook template  Please note: this logbook is only for keeping track of activites such as metoring sessions. This document CANNOT be used instead of the CPD Diary.


AJHNM CPD questionnaires

To assist you in obtaining the required minimum CPD hours we have designed a CPD system based on our professional journal – the Australian Journal of Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine (AJHNM).

This is not compulsory. You may choose to obtain your hours through other activities, however it does provide a relatively straight forward way of accumulating approximately 50% of the necessary hours.

How it works

At the back of each issue of the AJHNM you will find a questionnaire consisting of an average of 8 multiple choice questions. By reading that issue and completing the related questions you will obtain 4 hours Formal Learning CPD.

Completion of all 4 questionnaires for the year will allow you to obtain 16 hours Formal Learning CPD. Record the hours obtained for completing each questionnaire in your CPD diary. Please record the journal volume and issue number of each questionnaire completed.

NB: You do not need to send the completed questionnaires in with your CPD diary, however do keep them for 12 months in case of a CPD audit.