Practitioner of the month – Fi McCormick

Fi McCormick – Naturopath in clinical practice in Brisbane

🌿 Please introduce yourself in a few words?

I am a naturopath in clinical practice in Brisbane (Nundah Naturopathy). It’s been a circuitous journey to get here. I enrolled in medicine after school, but then life took a different direction and I studied French, German, and law. After practising law for many years, I acted on the strong pull I felt to naturopathy. Every day I am inspired by the potential for naturopathy to impact positively in so many ways. I love the opportunity to help people with a wide variety of health concerns and have a particular interest in conditions associated with ageing and metabolic dysfunction.

🌿 How long have you been a NHAA member and what do you love about it? 

While I was studying, I joined the NHAA because it represents only naturopaths and herbalists, and I was in love with herbal medicine from the outset. I became a practising member following completion of my degree at the end of 2017. My reasons for joining remain valid and there are many more, notably its ongoing efforts to secure our profession a seat at the table in matters concerning the health of all Australians, consistent advocacy for registration of the profession, and nurturing community through its support of regional chapters.

When I was approached to stand for the Board, I initially rejected the suggestion, acutely conscious that I was so new to practice. However, it is true that each of us brings a unique combination of skills and experience that can benefit the association. What unites us is our passion for naturopathy and herbal medicine and our commitment to be of service to our profession. This year the Board has undertaken some major pieces of work, updating our Constitution to be voted on by the members at the AGM, and replacing our Code of Ethics with a fresh Code of Conduct. This work gives expression to our commitment to ethical and values-based practices within a contemporary governance framework.

🌿 Any favourite herb of yours? Why?

I feel a little disloyal to Globe Artichoke in saying this, but my favourite herb is Withania. We are all familiar with the broad range of areas where it can support positive outcomes for our patients. I am interested in investigating novel treatments for my patients and take my cues from what is happening in research, and there is always new research on Withania. It is a marvellous illustration of how traditional wisdom is validated by scientific research. Globe Artichoke comes a close second, thanks in part to its diversity of applications in digestive dysfunction.

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