Feedback & Complaints

Feedback on any aspect of the NHAA is always welcome. We like to hear when we've done well and appreciate being able to adapt and change things if needed.

We take all complaints against our members very seriously. Complaints are handled by the Ethics and Law sub-committee who follow up with the member in question. We require complaints to be submitted in writing (email is fine), they are then forwarded to the Ethics & Law subcommittee and the Association President within 5 working days of receipt and written notification of action to be taken is to be sent to the complainant within 30 days.

As well as the detail of your complaint, please outline what course of action you would like to see to adequately address and resolve your complaint as we are committed to a successful resolution that meets your satisfaction.

Address all complaints to NHAA Complaints, Law & Ethics subcommittee

See our contact page for postal & email details.