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Anna Harrington - Herb Med Plus @ The Urban Alchemist

Gender: Female
357 Nicholson Street
Clinic Phone: 03-9347-9247
Mobile Phone: 0419-887461
Clinic Email: Herb Med Plus

Anna is a Naturopathic Herbalist and the founder of Herb Med Plus and her love of herbs and people reflects in the way she prescribes for her patients.  We all have individual needs and wants and the same goes for our body.  What works for one person will not necessarily work for another.  It is amazing how small changes in our lives can make big changes in our body and mind-set.  Sometimes we just need someone to nurture and guide us in the right direction. Our genetic makeup and lifestyle choices play a big part in our health and wellness and therfore we need to respect our bodies and do the best to keep a healthy body, mind & spirit. Anna would like to help you on your journey to wellness and longevity. :)


Bachelor in Health Science (Western Herbal Medicine)BHSc WHM MNHAA


Member of the NHAA

Other Activities:

Eftpos facilities available HICAPS available

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