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Stephanie Gadsden-Merge Health

Gender: Female
80 Renshaw Street
East Doncaster

Merge Health consulting rooms are located inside Donvale Chiropractic Center on Renshaw Street in East Doncaster

Clinic Phone: 0432 694 016
Mobile Phone: 0432 694 016
Clinic Email: ask@mergehealth.com.au

Stephanie is a Naturopath who is an advocate for using a holistic and integrative approach to help people maintain health and achieve wellness. This is achieved by working closely among medical and allied health professionals.  Her passion lies in the prevention and treatment of mental illness through the use of an integrative model. Through her work in this area she has recently been elected as a secretary for the first international integrative mental health organisation, ‘The International Network of Integrative Mental Health” based in Phoenix, Arizona. (www.inimh.org) As a recovered sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Stephanie is committed to helping patients with fatigue disorders. She understands through her own 10 year battle with CFS that a diagnosis of a fatigue syndrome can lead to immense frustration and a lot of "practitioner hopping" searching for answers. Stephanie aims to minimise patient’s frustration with a clear and concise treatment plan, adapted to the individual, aiming to improve fatigue and the patient’s quality of life. Stephanie also believes in getting the most out of the food you eat. She is a guest writer for the health website www.terawarner.com. Her articles have a strong emphasis on the power of healthy nutritious food to treat, improve and maintain health.


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) Certificate IV (Remedial Massage), Diploma (Business Management) Diploma (Tennis Coaching)


National Herbalist asscociation (NHAA) International Network of Integrative Mental Health (INIMH) Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Other Activities:

Professional Deveopment: Secretary and Excuative Board Member of the International Network of Integrative Mental Health Marketing and Media Coordiator for the Naturopathic Medicine for Improved Mood and Reduced Anxiety Study Co-Aurthor of the Naturopathic Medicine for Improved Mood and Reduced Anxiety Study

Clinic Map: