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Susan Martinez - Kinesiology Affect

Gender: Female
Carboona Avenue
Clinic Phone: 0416 292 388
Mobile Phone: 0416292388
Clinic Email: Kinesiology Affect

Kinesiology Affect is owned and managed by Susan Martinez, a professional kinesiologist and qualified herbalist. Kinesiology is a powerful natural therapy that aims to uncover and treat the cause behind symptoms.  Kinesiology can work on structural, emotional, nutritional, mental and spiritual issues.  It is extremely effective in treating muscular pain, joint pain, ligament problems (stretched, torn or strained).  When combined with herbal medicine, the two are very effective in helping people achieve wellbeing.   Benefits of having a session with Kinesiology Affect: Clarity on issues - change your perceptions and attitudes to a problem Learn better coping skills - change a stress-inducing environment or your attitude to it Adapt to a situation /problem/ issue. Reduced pain - alleviate pain and discomfort in all parts of your body. Especially helpful for sore, tight and injured muscles. Restore harmony - help your nervous system to adapt or cope better with stress Clear limiting beliefs - become empowered to make healthier choices


Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine Diplomaa Kinesiology (PKP) Reiki III Bachelor of Business


NHAA (Professional member) AIK (Professional member) ICPKP

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