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Claudette Wadsworth Naturopath

Gender: Female
Bondi Junction
Clinic Email: Claudette Wadsworth

With 18 years of clinical experience, Claudette is one of Sydney's expert Naturopaths and Nutritionists practicing at Better Health Clinic in Bondi Junction. With prior practices in Macquarie St and Sydney CBD, Claudette knows how to deliver professional service with effective, safe and holistic results.


Dean's Award for Academic Excellence, Charles Sturt University Bullivant's Naturopathy Prize for Highest Graduate, Nature Care College Metagenics' Prize for Highest Nutrition Graduate, Nature Care College Warren Brauer Memorial Prize for Highest Homeopathy Graduate, Nature Care College Bachelor of Health Sciences (Complementary Medicine), Charles Sturt University Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Law and Psychology, University of Sydney Advanced Certificate of Natural Fertility Management, Natural Fertility Management of Australia Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Nature Care College Diploma of Nutrition, Nature Care College Certificate of Birth and Post-Natal Doula, Australian Doula College Diploma of Remedial Massage, Nature Care College THINK ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy Certificate ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Certificate & Instructors Certificate ThetaHealing Basic DNA Certificate & Instructors Certificate ThetaHealing® Rhythm Certificate & Instructors Certificate ThetaHealing® Soulmate Certificate & Instructors Certificate  


  National Herbalists Association of Australia NHAA 

Other Activities:

Claudette has experience in the following areas of women's health: Premenstrual syndrome PMS, Period pain, Polycystic ovaries/syndrome PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Acne, Fibrocystic breasts, Puberty, Menopause, Low Libido, Ovarian cysts, Amenorrhea: absence of periods, Natural Contraception, Recovery from terminations, support for abnormal pap smears & HPV infection, Weight concerns, Thyroid imbalances.  Claudette also practices Natural Fertility Management consulting women in the following areas: Preconception health care for any couple wishing to conceive, Infertility,  IVF support to increase chances of success by maximising quality of embryos Premature ovarian failure Miscarriage support Gender Selection Pregnancy support & remedies Birth preparation Post-natal care for mothers & breastfeeding support Post-natal care for babies including colic, nappy rash, excessive crying, sleep disturbances & reflux Children's health

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