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Kirily Thomas - Naturally Balanced Healthcare

Gender: Female
66 Colby Drive
Belgrave Heights
Clinic Phone: 0401 081 136
Mobile Phone: 0401 081 136
Clinic Email: Kirily Thomas
Kirily is a skilled and attentive Naturopath whose calm, open-minded approach complements her strong knowledge base and passion for true wellness in all. She provides professional and evidence-based guidance on how to achieve a better level of health and wellbeing. The naturopathic principle “doctor as teacher” (Docere) has great resonance with Kiri as she has a strong belief that one of her key roles is to empower, motivate and educate her patients throughout their journey to wellness, setting realistic and achievable health goals and providing the tools for the maintenance of good health. Kirily is degree-qualified, holding a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and is a full member of the professional associations NHAA and ATMS. She regularly attends professional seminars as part of her continuing professional development and education and has a special interest in Digestive Disorders and Mental Health.
Qualifications: BHSc Naturopathy Adv. Dip Naturopathy Cert IV Massage
Memberships: MNHAA 154295 MATMS 25353
Clinic Map: