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Lee Copeland - LaVida Health

Gender: Female
Suite 806, 2 Queen Street
Clinic Phone: 03 9620 9503
Mobile Phone: 0415 826 864
Clinic Email: Lee Copeland

Lee has a wealth of experience in working with a variety of client’s with physical or psychological conditions and has previously come from a background of Rehabilitation Counselling.  Lee summarises her naturopathic philosophy as: "Encouraging and empowering client’s to identify and address their own health issues, and being engaged in their treatment plan to better health" With a focus on being non judgemental and empathetic of client’s situations, Lee aims to provide a safe and encouraging environment where client’s can achieve good health and still live in the ‘real world’.  Having come from a corporate setting previously Lee understands the pressures we all face whether that come from work, family, friends or financial, and appreciates that enjoying a glass of wine or that chocolate bar is sometimes required! In addition, Lee is a qualified Yoga Teacher and has been teaching group and individual sessions since 2012.  Her philosophy for connecting the mind and body is complementary to her practice as a Naturopath as lifestyle changes are always considered to improve and aid a client’s treatment plan and health goals.


Qualified Naturopath



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