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Rebecca Cook Thirroul Natural Healing Centre

Gender: Female
396 Lawrence Hargrave Drive
Clinic Phone: (02) 4268 3399

Rebecca believes in a gentle individualized approach to my treatment plans. With a combination of herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation, she works with and meets her client needs where they are at, helping them to make realistic, simple and easy changes to their diet and lifestyle. As well, along the way she enjoys enhancing their knowledge, awareness and responsibility for their health, which in turn supports them in achieving their health goals and sustaining long lasting results. Rebecca has successfully treated a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, such as cold and flu, skin conditions, emotional stress, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, depression and anxiety, auto –immune conditions, female reproductive system, male reproductive system, weight loss and detox.    


Advancd Diploma in Naturopathy Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine Diploma in Health Science (Massage Therpay)  



Clinic Map: