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Giselle Cooke, Healthwise North Sydney

Gender: Female
Level 1, 44 Miller Street
North Sydney

A short walk from North Sydney train station

Clinic Phone: 02 8376 8738
Mobile Phone: 0432 363 763

Giselle is a medically-trained holistic health consultant, primarily prescribing Western herbal and nutritional medicines in her integrative practice. She joins Healthwise North Sydney after many decades of professional collaboration with osteopaths Drs Fitton and Sparavec, referring her patients for essential bodywork to assist her holistic health management. Giselle’s consultation fees are claimable from most private health funds as a Western Herbal Medicine practitioner. She also offers student and pensioner rates.Phone and Skype consultations are also available. Giselle’s Availability Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 6pm Giselle’s tailored holistic health recovery programs include: – optimal wellness recovery programs for chronic and debilitating mental and physical health issues – healthy ageing & rejuvenation programs – gene profiling for ultimate disease prevention, weight correction – assessment of nutritional deficiencies and prescription of holistic dietary solutions – identifying and fixing underlying causes of fatigue – navigating the menopause the natural way, herbal solutions and bio-identical hormone replacement – healthy conception, healthy pregnancy & healthy parenting – natural health solutions for children’s illnesses – allergy-free forever– a functional medicine solution – anxiety, depression and hypertension management without drugs – adrenal rebalancing and optimal thyroid management – gut/liver/chemical detoxification programs –natural integrative migraine solutions that really work – managing metabolic syndrome, PCOS, endometriosis– resolving period pain holistically, correcting menstrual cycle problems – healing chronic interstitial cystitis, without antibiotics – adult acne and psoriasis cured naturally – holistic osteoporosis programs for achieving bone recovery without drugs – managing inflammatory & autoimmune conditions naturally – recovery programs for cancer survivors and much more….   Currently Giselle is undertaking a Ph.D in the causes of male infertility at the University of Sydney School of Medicine and consulting for Healthician, Singapore, educating doctors on nutritional and herbal medicine.


MB, BS; DBM PhD candidate



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Fitgenes practitioner

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