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Steven Judge Clinical Naturopathy

Gender: Male
15/245 Chalmers St.

 The clinic is 5-10 minutes walking distance from Redfern station, a short distance from Central station & close to major bus stops Limited free street parking (2 and 4 hours) is available in surrounding streets

Clinic Phone: 0420771217
Mobile Phone: 0420771217
Clinic Email: stevenjudgenat@gmail.com

Steven helps clients to not just put a ‘band-aid’ on their symptoms, but to treat their symptoms on a deep, core level that produces lasting healing and change. Working in a kind and respectful way, Steven takes into account the sensitive concerns that people may have with their health, listening to clients' histories and evaluating the interactions among genetic, environmental, biochemical, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle factors that influence human health and chronic disease. This is fundamental for an the development of integrative and individualised treatment plans so that we can experience true health-care, rather than simply disease management


Advanced Diploma of NaturopathyAdvanced Diploma of Nuritional Medicine 


NHAA M#156159