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David Casteleijn - HerbsontheHill

Gender: Male
15c/40 Annerley Rd (Second Floor Taylor Medical Specialists Building)

Being within the Mater Hospitals precinct, public transport is readily available (a few minutes walk from the Park Rd train station for example) and if you commute by car there is a client car park at the rear of the building access from Catherine St, you need a token to exit which is provided as part of your consultation if required, simply ask your practitioner for this when you are leaving. Our receptionists are not on site so when you arrive at the clinic we encourage you to make a cup of tea or coffee (a wide range of herb tea and dandelion coffee is available for you to select) take a seat and complete the new client form waiting for you on the coffee table.  Your practitioner will be with you once they have finished attending to the previous client.

Clinic Phone: 07 3166 1549
Clinic Email: Email David

With a Registered Nurse background, I have been in private practice as a Naturopath since 1992. Over this time I have developed a passion for Herbs and their wonderful healing and regenerative qualities, particularly in the last 10 years in  relation to Anxiety and Depression. This passion led me to teach herbal medicine at the Australian College of Natural Medicine ACNM (now called the Endeavour College of Natural Health ECNH). In 2006 I completed a Masters in Health Science (Herbal Medicine) through the University of New England.  I am Currently a PhD candidate at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with my project being a naturalistic observational study of Western herbal medicine practice in self-reported anxiety and depression. Herbal Medicine is ideal for treating many common health problems. These include chronic disorders such as arthritis, asthma, skin disorders and digestive problems which usually respond well. One of the greatest strengths of herbal medicine is the way it can improve the functioning of the immune system and nervous system – extremely important given the demands of our modern lives.


MHSc (Herbal Medicine) BHSc (Naturopathy) RN



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