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Sara Hemphill

Gender: Female
Bibra Lake
Mobile Phone: 0424733559

As a Naturopath I look at all aspects of your health and lifestyle. We take into account your daily committments, relationships and behaviours! I work with you to plan a program to correct your deficiencies and all your health concerns. The long term goal is for you to be functioning at your optimium. Here you will have more energy and joy for life. Your body will naturally detox itself from daily stress and the environment. Your immunity will be doing its job! The treatment will include herbs, supplements and dietary adjustments. It may include pathology testing, cleanses and body work referals. I do happy mouth sessions to remineralise your teeth, and show you how to do it at home. I also do access consciousness sessions for total relaxation and the possibility of completely changing your life!


Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy Advanced Diploma of Aromathrapy

Diploma of Beauty Therapy Access Consciousness The Bars Practitioner Access Consciousness Facelift Pracitioner Happy Mouth Pracitioner 



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