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Sarah McLachlan - Akeso Health - Sassafras

Gender: Female
2B/353 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road
Clinic Phone: 0418845944
Mobile Phone: 0418845944
Clinic Email: Akeso Health

There’s so much conflicting information available these days about what to eat and do for optimal health. How do you know what to do? What will work and what is a waste of time? My name is Sarah McLachlan, and I am a Naturopath with a passion for supporting families to take control of their health and thrive. Obtaining optimal health is a process that is unique to each of us and the strengths and nurture points we are born with. This is why I tailor my practical and realistic advice to you, your lifestyle and your budget.  Allowing you to reclaim your family’s wellness and give your kids the life they deserve. One full of happiness, wellness, vitality and clear-headed energy. I can show you which herbs, supplements, and natural approaches to lifestyle and food really work to support your body’s natural healing ability. Along with how to use them safely and effectively so you can take control of your family’s health and wellness.


BHSc (Naturopathy) BSc (Psychology) CertIV Breastfeeding Education (Counsellor)


NHAA 156071

Other Activities:

Breastfeeding Counsellor Since graduating I consistently participate in extra training and seminars to keep my knowledge up-to-date and evidence-based. For example, I have  undertaken additional training in interpreting microbiome testing such as uBiome and then rebalancing the microbiome. I have also completed training in celloids and allergy testing and interpretation.  

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