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Ocean Pure Australia

Ocean Pure Australia.

We have a farm west of Chinchilla, Queensland, where we are growing a species of marine micro-algae (Nannochloropsis Oceanica), which is naturally rich in Omega 3 (EPA), Protein, Amino Acids, Chlorophyll, Astaxanthin (a powerful antioxidant) and contains many of the vitamins and minerals essential for good health.

Our two initial products are:

NANNOTINE Daily Tonic (see info attached)

NANNOTINE is a specially blended “whole body tonic” that comes in a 200ml environmentally friendly glass bottle. We call it a whole body tonic because of the many amazing compounds found in our algae Nannochloropsis Oceanica. 

LUMNINOUS Day gel (see info attached)

LUMINOUS is a specially blended skin nourishing, hydrating & toning Day Gel

containing the powerful marine micro algae Nannochloropsis Oceanica.

LUMINOUS DAY GEL comes in a 50ml environmentally friendly glass jar.

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