Watch Herbal Summit 2022 Recordings

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  1. Welcome and International Guest Speaker, Dr Aviva Romm
  2. Herbal Medicine: Healing Through Catastrophies, Kathleen Murphy, Shona Taranto, Kerrie Oakes, Gemma Pokrzywa, Erin Lovell Verinder
  3. Bringing Herbs to the People, Erin Lovell Verinder
  4. Transforming Community Through Herbal Medicine Practice, Kerrie Oakes
  5. Protecting Fertility in a Modern World, Tabitha McIntosh
  6. Depleted, Discarded, Distressed: Supporting Women Postpartum, Jane Hutchens
  7. Mental Wellbeing- An Integrative Approach, Dr Lesley Braun
  8. Botanical Psychedelics for the Treatment of Phychiatric Disorders, Professor Jerome Sarris
  9. Wildcrafting as Herbal Security and Connection to Place, Heidi Merika
  10. Project Herbal First Aid - Bringing Medicine to the Community, Dominique LivKamal
  11. The Herbal Apothecary In Focus, Hannah Boyd, Jo Morgan, Sammi Allen, Renae Scott, Belinda Robson
  12. Herbs For Long Covid Healing, Carla Wrenn
  13. Re-Weaving Wholeness, Jacqui Bushell
  14. Sustainability and Herbal Medicine, Professor Tony Cunningham, Dr Sue Evans
  15. Working on our Supply Chains, David Casteleijn, Adrian Hubner, Phil Rasmussen, Annette Lambert, Warren Morey
  16. Spotlight:Observations from Over 25 yrs of Complementary Medicine, Emeritus Professor Stephen P Myers

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