🌿Junior Herbalist Club Training

It’s rare that a truly innovative training opportunity presents itself in the realm of herbal medicine, but that’s just what the Junior Herbalists Club (JHC) training offered our now certified and registered leaders.

For the week of the 23rd-27th October, the wonderful Mel Hornby joined us all the way from the UK at Torrens University to facilitate the very first JHC leader training in Australia. Founder of the JHC and working as a training facilitator and local club leader since 2014, Mel is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration and was the 2021 winner of The Christopher Headley Memorial Award for Significant Contribution to Herbal Medicine, awarded by the UK’s National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH).

There are now 30 JHCs in operation throughout the UK, with an estimated 300 children currently in attendance. Particularly due to the popularity of creative after school activities and third party presented in-school programs here, there’s incredible potential for similar growth and success of the JHC in Australia.

Our new JHC leaders are feeling excited by this new avenue for educating children and young people on the medicine and magic of herbs while also building community and adding a new revenue stream to their business models as practitioners.

From crafting plant fairy art projects and concocting refreshing Daisy-ade to making botanical bath salt gifts and rolling delicious Liquorice ball treats, the JHC leadership training presented so many creative and magical ways to teach and inspire a new generation of herbalists (and have a lot of fun!)

The JHC leader training was made possible by:

The JHC concept is revolutionary for the herbal medicine profession and it has been a true honour for the NHAA to support this training for the very first time in Australia. From here on, we’ll be maintaining the register of JHC leaders in Australia and very much look forward to expanding and promoting the program as well as planning future trainings.

To register your interest in upcoming JHC leader trainings, contact Christine Thomas (JHC’s Australian course coordinator) via email at christine.thomas@herbalextracts.com.au.