NHAA Special Interest Groups

We are excited to announce that we will soon be launching our Special Interest Groups (SIGs)!

We created SIGs because we recognise the importance of facilitating expanded opportunities for our members to engage with their peers both professionally and socially and to focus on areas of professional passion and specialisation. SIGs are designed to nurture community and connection among practitioners via focus on specific topics of interest. SIGs will be smaller groups within our association that will provide a forum for dynamic discussions on clinical experiences, ideas exchanges, best practices and the latest research in their devoted topics.  

Each SIG will be chaired by a member who is expert in their particular field and passionate about the topic. We are delighted by the calibre and integrity of the chairing members and the highly specialised expertise they offer. 

We’re proud to be the only professional association for naturopaths and herbalists in Australia to be offering dedicated SIGs to our members. 

Joining an NHAA SIG will offer you an opportunity to: 

  • Expand your professional network and connect and collaborate with colleagues who share your interests, 
  • Develop your professional skills and contribute to your association, the naturopathic and herbal medicine professions, and the future of your special interest, and 
  • Gain access to information and resources relevant to your area of interest, and enhance your knowledge, skills and career aspirations through continued education and learning opportunities. 

Our newly launching SIGs include: 

  • Community Health: promotion of inclusion, diversity, equity and access to herbal and naturopathic health care to underserved communities – chaired by Sonya Byron, 
  • Environment and Sustainability: education and advocacy re: the sustainability of herbal supply chains and environmental sustainability as it relates to naturopaths and herbalists – chaired by Dr. Sue Evans,   
  • Herbal and Naturopathic Research: Upcoming NHAA Herbal and Naturopathic Research awards – chair TBA, 
  • Herbal Medicine: for herbalists and those interested in the promotion of Western herbal medicine as a specialty; its history, practice, research, etc. – chaired by Kerrie Oakes, 
  • Junior Herbalist Club: the Australian incarnation of the wildly successful UK herbal education program for children – chaired by Christine Thomas, 
  • Natural Disaster: provision of herbal and naturopathic health care to communities impacted by natural disasters – chaired by Erin Lovell Verinder and Sarah Mann, and 
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health: sharing expertise and resources to strengthen patient care in relation to sexual and reproductive health and promoting the value naturopaths and herbalists bring to same – chaired by A/Prof. Amie Steel and Rebecca Redmond. 

We encourage you to register for any SIG of interest to you today. You will then be contacted with further information about the group/s of interest to you. You can register your interest by clicking the button below. 

**Please note: if you registered your interest in any SIGs via QR code at the recent 2023 Naturopathic Symposium, we have since added the ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health’ and you will need to register for this SIG separately as above** 

We’re looking forward to you joining us for SIGs! 

NHAA Members only.