Industry Events

Here, you will find information on professional and public events run by the NHAA Industry partners. This section is updated regularly with new events.


06 & 07 Oct

8th Annual NIIM Symposium

Over 2 exciting days, you’ll hear from world-renowned thought-leaders, researchers, professors and medical experts from a range of disciplines discussing the latest in Integrative Medicine, what it means for you, your patients and clinical practice. This is a practitioner-only event and not intended for the general public.

Title : The Power of Integrative Medicine: Breakthroughs & Approaches to Better Health
Location: Amora Hotel Riverwalk Richmond, Melbourne
Presenter(s) : Rachel Arthur, Dr Cris Beer, Dr Taufiq Binjemain, Dr David Bird, Dr Tim Crowe, Dr Arun Dhir, Rebecca Edwards, Dr Denise Furness, Kristin Gilmour, Juliamme Grant, Dr Sandeep Gupta, Dr Lucia Murnane, Dr Nicole Nelson, Prof Kylie O’Brien, Dr Helena Popovic, A/Prof Karin Ried, Dr Stan Rodski, Prof Avni Sali AM, Prof Richard Silberstein, Erica Smith, Paul Taylor, Peter Webb
Organiser : NIIM

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Cognition, healthy ageing & dementia risk
  • COVID-19, thyroid health & our immunity
  • Mental health & stress management tools
  • Women’s Health – Endometriosis & Fertility
  • The Neuroscience of Sleep
  • Exercise as medicine – prevention of chronic disease
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Chronic kidney dysfunction
  • Medicinal mushrooms & your immunity
  • ADHD
  • The science behind hydrolysed collagen
  • Gastrointestinal Health, the Gut and Oral Microbiome

10 Oct

Mood Matters

Join us to hear from two experts as we delve into the holistic realms of naturopathic and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approaches in managing mood and anxiety concerns. This virtual event promises to be a rich source of insights, discussions, and practical strategies to complement conventional treatments.

Title: Mood Matters: Exploring naturopathic and traditional Chinese medicine approaches to managing mood and anxiety
Type of Event : webinar which will be recorded for access afterward
Time : 7.15pm – 8.15pm
Cost : FREE
Presenter(s) : Michael Alexander (naturopath and pharmacist) and Ahil Ganesan (traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist) will be interviewed by myself, Sarah Culverhouse (naturopath)
Organisers: Sarah Culverhouse, Head of Education, McPherson’s

Key Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this activity participants will be able to:

      • Briefly discuss how traditional Chinese medicine describes mental health conditions
      • Recommend appropriate complementary therapies to support people with low mood and anxiety
      • Explain how to combine evidence based complementary medicines with prescribed medication at different stages of clinical mental health treatment, including de-prescribing
      • Summarise the incidence of mental health concerns in Australia

10 Oct

Different Analysis Testing for Mould and Mycotoxins

More foods, health conditions and symptoms are being connected with mould more than ever before. With more awareness about mould, testing for moulds and mycotoxins has also increased.
In this latest webinar, find out everything about mould, mycotoxins, how mould exposure is tested, and how the technology behind these tests works, alongside case studies and the most effective and latest treatment strategies.

Title : Different Analysis Testing for Mould and Mycotoxins
Type of Event: Online Webinar
Time: 11:00am QLD | 12:00pm NSW/ACT, VIC, TAS |11.30am SA | 10:30am NT | 9:00am WA
Duration: 60 min webinar, 15 min Q n A
Cost : FREE
Location: Amora Hotel Riverwalk Richmond, Melbourne
Presenter(s) : Lindsay Goddard
Organiser : RN Labs

Key Learning Outcomes

    • How Moulds produce spores for their reproduction and survival, making them easily  dispersed through the air.
    • Why Mycotoxins, highly toxic compounds, are not consistently produced by all moulds but serve as a means of competition with other organisms.
    • What testing Methodologies are utilised for Mycotoxins and Mould: including why ELISA testing is not used and why LC/MS technology is used. Lindsay will cover half life and accuracy.
    • How IgEs testing provides insight into histamine responses to specific moulds, including seemingly benign ones like Cladosporium. How combining mycotoxin and immunoglobulin testing offers a comprehensive view of immune reactions to consistently produced spores and mould-produced toxins, aiding in understanding their influence on health.

13 Oct

Break the Mould: How to Combat the Harmful Effects of Mould

Join Dr Jill Crista, ND, for a discussion of combatting the harmful effects of mould. In this webinar, we will discuss everything from mould spores, fragments, chemicals, mycotoxins and bacterial toxins and how they damage our bodies.

Organiser: FxMed in collaboration with Alight Formulas
Type of Event : Free Practitioner-only webinar
Time : 12-1pm NZDT  l  10-11am AEST
Cost : FREE
Presenter(s) : Dr Jill Crista

Key Learning Outcomes

  • How mould creates harm in the body
  • How to recognise mould toxicity
  • How to manage mould effectively

21 Oct

Child and Adolescent Health

Join acnem in Sydney on October 21st for our live training event focusing on Child and Adolescent Health. Bringing together top experts, practitioners, and researchers, this event delves into key conditions impacting children. Gain valuable insights, innovative strategies, and fresh perspectives on child and adolescent health.

Location: Aerial UTS Function Centre, Sydney
Cost: Use code CHILD20 for 20% off ticket prices.
On-demand available from 22 October
Presenters: Dr. Leila Masson, Dr. Paula Smith-Brown, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Dr. James Greenblatt, Dr. Nancy O’Hara, Dr. Elizabeth Steels, Sonya Reynolds, and more.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Microbiome Changes: Learn how the microbiome evolves from infancy to adolescence and its impact on health, growth, and development. Discover practical strategies to cultivate a supportive microbiome.
  • Paediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome: Explore causes, diagnostic features, and evidence-based strategies for managing this complex condition with Dr. Leila Masson.
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Discover insights from Integrative Psychiatrist, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, on optimizing outcomes for children with ADHD through medication, interventions, and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Aggression & Anger in Adolescents: Understand underlying factors contributing to anger in adolescents and acquire evidence-based treatments and coping strategies.

Topics also encompass ASD, Medicinal Cannabis in Childhood Epilepsy, Acne, Anxiety in Children, Eating Disorders, and Navigating Year 11 and 12 Health. Don’t miss this enriching event.

26 Oct

Exploring a New Frontier in Gut Health

Join highly qualified and experienced clinician’s Dr Brad Leech (PhD, BHSC NutDMed), Vanita Dahia (B.Pharm, Adv Dip Naturopathy) and Geraldine Georgeou (APD) over a three-part educational series as they discuss the latest research and their clinical pearls using Human Milk Oliogosaccharides in the treatment of adults. This educational series will be available to attend online or in-person as part of the event roadshow in QLD (29th June), VIC (24th August) and NSW (26th October).  

Type of Event : Education Series (Available online and in-person)
Time : 6:30pm
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost : Free
Presenter(s) : Dr Brad Leech (29/06/23), Vanita Dahia (24/08/23), Geraldine Georgeou (26/10/23)
Organiser : Swisse Nutra+

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Treatment of the microbiome, dysbiosis and gut disorders
  • The use of prebiotics in clinical practice
  • Using microbiome mapping tools in your clinic
  • How HMO’s impact Gut immunity results in patients
  • Tools to support nourish and mend your patient’s gut

30 Oct

What’s new in berries, gut & brain health?

Interest and research around the gut-brain axis and related health outcomes is strong & growing. It is emerging that gut health is about more than just fibre, with bioactive polyphenols emerging as key players with direct and indirect (via the gut) links to brain health. Berries are a potentially powerful player – supporting the healthy function of the gut- brain axis offering dietary fibre, polyphenols and key micronutrients in an easy to prepare whole food. Hosted by Dr Emma Beckett from Nutrition Research Australia (NRAUS), this webinar session will deliver the latest scientific evidence around polyphenols and the nutrition and health benefits of berries, the highest food sources of polyphenols with Dr Nenad Naumovski. Attendees will also gain clinical insights, culinary tips and other practical pearls of incorporating berries into everyday diets to support both short- and long-term health conditions relating to the gut and brain, from gut health dietitian Nicole Dynan and Naturopath and academic A/Prof Teresa Mitchell-Paterson. The diverse panel will offer a unique view of the science and practice. Participants will be provided with resources on the health benefits of berries free to use in their professional practice.

Type of Event : Webinar (online)
Time : 11:00-12:00pm
Duration: 1 hours of CPE time
Cost : Free
Presenter(s) : Prof Nenad Naumovski (Prof Food Science & Nutrition), Nicole Dynan (APD), Associate Professor Teresa Mitchell-Paterson (Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath, Senior Lecturer)
Organiser : This webinar is hosted by Nutrition Research Australia (NRAUS) and has been funded by Hort Innovation using the blackberry, blueberry and raspberry research and development levies and contributions from the Australian Government. Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian horticulture.

Key Learning Outcomes

    • Learn about polyphenols (including those in berries) and the latest science on their health effects.
    • Identify the unique nutrition attributes of different berries.
    • Explore the culinary benefits of berries and how they can support health.
    • Understand the importance and value of complexity and synergy of food and food first approaches to health.
    • Learn about the gut-brain axis and its importance of treating the gut as a central strategy.
    • Gain clinical pearls of using berries in practice for managing GIT and brain health.


12 Nov

Functional Herbal Therapies and Autoimmune Disease

Type of Event: Live stream
Time: 12:30pm AEST (Brisbane), daylight savings times on website
Duration: 3.5hr
Presenter: Prof. Kerry Bone
Organiser: Integria/MediHerb
Cost: Practitioner $49, Student $29

Key Learning Outcomes

  • The mosaic of autoimmunity
  • What really causes AiD
  • Pathogens and autoimmunity, with stunning recent discoveries that elevate the phenomenon of molecular mimicry to a new level of credibility
  • Gut health, our microbiome and autoimmunity
  • The critical role of diet
  • Key FHT strategies for autoimmune disease
  • Practical applications of and supporting evidence for key FHT strategies
  • Autoimmune diseases covered include: rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Grave’s disease, Type 1 diabetes, Ankylosing spondylitis

15 Nov

Trauma-Informed Care: Enhancing the role of natural medicine practitioners

This 90-minute deep dive is designed to increase confidence and competence in naturopaths and holistic clinicians who are interested in becoming more trauma-informed, but are unsure of where to begin.

Our presenter, Dr Tamara Dickson will review key definitions and principles of a trauma-informed care approach, identify common themes in naturopathic philosophy, discuss possible ways of integrating trauma-informed principles into clinical practice for increased patient inclusivity and safety, as well as review resilience-building naturopathic treatment options for trauma-surviving patients.

An individual may experience trauma as a response to any event they find physically or emotionally threatening or harmful, and often challenges their view of the world as a just, safe, and predictable place.

It is a widespread human experience with approximately 70% of adults having experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. It is now understood that trauma is medically relevant, with a large body of evidence demonstrating the relationship between trauma and a number of chronic physical and mental health conditions, such as heart disease, lung disease, alcoholism and depression.

Naturopathic and holistic clinicians are uniquely positioned to address and support trauma-surviving patients on several different levels, utilising principles of trauma-informed care.

Time: 6:30pm (AEDT)
Duration: 90 minutes + Q&A
Presenter: Dr Tamara Dickson
Cost: FREE

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Review the definition of traumatic experiences and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), discuss associated long-term health risks, and the proposed pathophysiological mechanisms.
  • Introduce the principles of trauma-informed care, goals of a trauma-informed clinical encounter, and compare trauma/ACEs screening questionnaires and tools
  • Review of resilience research and correlations to improved health outcomes.
  • Analyse the presence and absence of trauma-informed care practices within naturopathic clinical encounters.
  • Discuss the application of naturopathic tools for building resilience in trauma-surviving patients.