Accredited Courses (for those interested in studying)

Programs of study eligible for accreditation with the NHAA are delivered by a government accredited university or higher education provider and lead to the award of a Bachelor degree in Naturopathy or Western Herbal Medicine

The NHAA has been setting standards in training and education for the profession since 1920. Our Course Accreditation System (CAS) aims to assist educational  providers by providing a standard for curriculum design.

Educational providers apply for accreditation for specific courses, which involves detailed examination of the course material. Once accredited, students who complete these courses are eligible for Clause 1 full membership with the NHAA.

Looking for a course to study now?

If you complete an accredited course, you are eligible to apply for Clause 1 Full membership with us. Even if the course is no longer accredited when you finish, as long as you enrol during its accreditation period, you will be eligible. 

Go to Currently Accredited Courses for a list of courses and links to the institutions that offer them.  

Checking if your course is (or was) accredited?

If a course was previously accredited or has never been accredited with us, you may still be eligible for full membership (Clause 2 information), although extra requirements, such as upgrading professional education or providing more detail on the course content, may be needed.

If your course was previously accredited with us, you must have enrolled during the time it was accredited. If you enrolled before 31 December 2018, go to Previously Accredited Courses.