Why Join

The NHAA has been at the forefront of policy development, advocacy and education for our profession since 1920. When you join the NHAA you become a member of the oldest complementary medicine and only professional association specifically for qualified Naturopathic and Western Herbal Medicine practitioners in Australia.

As an NHAA member, you can enjoy a range of benefits

1. We advocate for the Profession

The NHAA has plays key role in very important campaigns such as getting the private health care rebates restored for natural therapies + getting statutory registration for naturopaths and herbalists.

2. We only represent two professions

The NHAA is the only professional association specifically concerned with the practice and education of Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine (WHM) in Australia. This allows us to focus our attention and lobbying efforts towards tangible results for these professions.

3. We are a member and Chair of the World Naturopathic Federation

We are a proud full and voting member of the World Naturopathic Federation, the peak body representing our profession internationally.

As Chair of the WNF, we represent Australian naturopaths and herbalists in an international organisation

4. Receive client referrals from our directory

Our practitioner directory will help members of the public identify the closest / most appropriate qualified professional to deliver safe holistic treatments

5. Access important benefits

Receive your TGA Advertising Exemption Certificate, discount deals on insurance and the right to supply GST-free consultations

6. Access Continued Professional Development at a discounted rate

Benefit from a wide range of Continued Professional Development options at discounted rates including our Herbal Medicine Summit, Naturopathic Symposium and webinar series.

7. Get a free subscription to the AJHNM

Issued quarterly, The Australian Journal of Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine publishes material on all aspects of medical herbalism including philosophy, phytochemistry, pharmacology and clinical application of medicinal plants.

8. Special Interest Groups

SIGs are small groups within our association that provide a forum for dynamic discussions on clinical experiences, ideas exchanges, best practices and the latest research in their devoted topics.

9. Membership is free for students

Students can join for free. If you’re about to graduate, join within 12 months of completing your qualification & receive 50% off your first year’s membership fees and 25% off your second year’s membership fee

10. Join our local chapters

It is the opportunity to join our lively and social local chapters – SYDHerbs, VICHerbs, SAHerbs, SEQHerbs and TASHerbs

11. Make a difference

Embrace the challenge and make your voice heard! Contribute and take part in leadership elections and steering committees

12. Access great discounts

Many association partners, conference sponsors etc. give the NHAA members access to important discounts / priority access to attend events

The NHAA plays a key role in the campaign to have private health care rebates restored for natural therapies. In May 2019, the Federal Government announced a review. We continue to represent our members on this issue and will be making expert representations to the review.

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