A Word From The President

An update from NHAA President, Hannah Boyd.

JULY 2024

✔️ A detailed update from our president, Hannah Boyd, wrapping up the first half of 2024
✔️ Highlights from the Herbal Medicine Summit 2024
✔️ Upcoming Herbal Medicine Week: 27 October – 3 November
✔️ Naturopathic Symposium 2025 approaching, upcoming webinars and workshops for enhancing abstract writing, and abstract submissions call coming soon


✔️ Hannah Boyd, President of the NHAA, wraps up 2023 and gives you a quick update on all the exciting events we have in store for next year, in particular, the Herbal Medicine Summit coming up on 25 and 26 May 2024.


✔️ A quick update from our president, Hannah Boyd, who was over in Geneva at the WNF General Assembly
✔️ Upcoming AGM in October and calls for nominations,
✔️ Upcoming Herbal Medicine Week: 22 to 29 October

JULY 2023

✔️ The Herbal Medicine Summit in May 2024
✔️ Special Interests Groups (SIGs)
✔️ The Junior Herbalist Clubs Trainings
✔️ Upcoming chapter meetings and webinars
✔️ The Herbal Medicine Week in October 2023

MAY 2023

✔️ An insight into all the work we do for our members and the profession.
✔️ Some exciting news about the NHAA and WNF
✔️ An update on the NHAA Board’s activities and plans for the next few years