The NHAA Committees

The NHAA’s Committees’ are the small groups where board directors and volunteer members who have special expertise join to focus on areas of interests for the Association. The Committees make recommendations to the Board and work across the profession to ensure the NHAA is supporting their members in every possible way. If you are interested in joining a committee please register your interest via email.


The Events Committee’s primary function is to organize the Association’s events consisting of:

  1. The Naturopathic Symposium – every second year.
  2. The Herbal Medicine Summit – Every second year.
  3. The NHAA Gala Awards Dinner (held on the Saturday evening of the Symposium); and
  4. National Herbal Medicine Week; and
  5. Chapter meetings (will be organized by the State Chapter committee).

Email: Events Committee


The Education Committee supports the highest standards for education in Australia, with their role to:
– Monitor education in naturopathy and Western herbal medicine in Australia,
– Maintain relationships and working with academic institutions,
– Offer expertise by participating in external course advisory committees and industry reference groups; and
– Represent the interests of western herbal medicine and naturopathy education in government review and/or regulatory processes.
– Conduct individual assessment of membership applications where the applicant has not completed a recognised course.

Email: Examiners Committee

Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications Committee develop and implement strategies to engage members and create awareness of the Association to non-members as a means of increasing membership.

Email: Marketing Committee

Law & Ethics

Monitors and addresses legal and ethical issues that arise from our members and in the community with regards to the professional practice of herbal and naturopathic medicine. To liaise with external lawyers for advice as required

Email: Legal & Ethics Committee


The Profession Committee provides advice and guidance to the Board in the area of submissions, registration of practitioners in and advocacy on behalf of the profession and on additional matters deemed relevant as they may arise from time to time.

Members of the Committee do not necessarily draft submissions in its own right. Additional matters deemed relevant as they arise from time to time to cover any eventuality.

Email: Profession Committee


The Media/PR Committee supports, oversees, generates and responds to media publicity and enquiries.

Email: Media Committee

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Group (SIG) committee was created to provide a framework for members with a particular interest to develop their professional skills, exchange views and information in a like-minded community, and contribute to the affairs of the NHAA through the development of policy, position statements, and contribution to communications with external stakeholders (e.g. government submissions) in regard to that particular area of interest.

Email: Special Interest Groups Committee