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World Naturophatic Federation

World Naturopathic Federation

The NHAA is a founding member of the World Naturopathic Federation (WNF), formed to advance the profession of naturopathy globally, including consultation with the World Health Organization and on track to be formally accepted as an official collaborative partner. The WNF recognises the importance of high educational standards and encourages regulation of the profession as this ensures patient safety, practitioner accountability and professional integrity.

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Australian Naturopathic Council

The Australian Naturopathic Council is a group of organisations that are the Australian members of the WNF. The group comprises of ARONAH, NHAA, CMA, and Endeavour College of Natural Health. The purpose of the ANC Is to share information amongst the naturopathic stakeholders in Australia regarding successes, challenges and new initiatives within each organisation. The NHAA is closely involved with the ANC’s The Naturopaths Regulation Research Project to update the 2005 Lin Report and present research which encompass naturopathic practice including Western Herbal Medicine practice and practitioners.


The NHAA is a foundation member of OneCAM which was formed to represent the Natural Medicine Sector – practitioner and industry associations with an interest in complementary medicine coming together to find solutions and advocate for the sector together. When an issue affects us across the sector, OneCAM provides one clear, unified voice.

Climate And Health Alliance

The NHAA is committed to climate action and sustainable health and has been a member of the Climate And Health Alliance (CAHA) since 2019. As part of this group, the NHAA is part of the solution in fighting climate change and ensuring the health sector is a leader on advocacy and solutions.