NHAA Statement on Vaccination Requirements for our Practitioners

Dear Members,

In recent weeks, the NHAA has received enquiries from many members regarding COVID-19 vaccination requirements in some States and Territories. Our team have been working hard to support members and help them seek the most up to date information from their relevant health department. We have watched the changing situation closely and after again reviewing the most current guidelines, we offer this statement of advice (as of Monday 11th October 2021).

The NHAA has formed the view that, in the States or Territories where there is a directive in place for mandatory vaccination of workers in certain sectors, the definition of health care worker does not apply generally to naturopathic and herbal medicine practitioners. However, some naturopaths and herbal medicine practitioners may work within an environment that requires vaccination for employees and contractors (e.g. public health facility), or may have an additional qualification / role that requires vaccination (e.g. personal trainer in a gym). For this reason, the NHAA cannot advise on the requirements in each individual situation and would encourage members to contact their State or Territory health department directly.

It is important for our members to refer to the directives from their own State or Territory, as these are changing regularly and vary across jurisdictions, to determine what requirements will apply in their individual circumstance.

The relevant links to each health department are provided below. The NHAA strives to remain abreast of changes to advice as they come through and update our members with as much information as we can, during this continually challenging time.  

For our NSW members:

As our members living and working in NSW will be aware, the roadmap released by the NSW Government includes additional rules and regulations for retail, product and services businesses who plan to open for face-to-face trading on/from Monday 11th October, until 1st December, 2021. We would like to remind anyone doing so of their requirements related to this order.

You can see the full list of rules and requirements for business on the NSW Health website and the key areas that are addressed include: 

We encourage our members to contact us via phone (02 9797 2244) or email (nhaa@nhaa.org.au) with any questions. We are here to support our members and the profession.

The NHAA Team 

Relevant links for state / territory-based information


11th October 2021