NHAA Treasurer

NHAA is seeking a Treasurer to join our Association.  This is a voluntary position.

The Naturopaths & Herbalists Association is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from all backgrounds to apply.  Please send your CV and cover letter to president@ nhaa.org.au

Established in 1920, the NHAA is the oldest complementary medicine association in Australia. We are a not-for-profit professional membership organisation for herbalists and naturopaths, providing learning and development opportunities for our members, supporting professional and practice development, and ensuring high standards of qualifications and safety.

Reporting to the NHAA Board President, the Treasurer oversees the financial position of the organisation in accordance with constitutional and compliance requirements.

Duties of Responsible Persons (Board Members)

  • To act with reasonable care and diligence;
  • To act honestly and fairly in the best interests of the organisation and for its purposes;
  • Not to misuse their position or information they gain as a responsible person;
  • To disclose conflicts of interest;
  • To ensure that the financial affairs of the organisation are managed responsibly; and
  • Not to allow the organisation to operate while it is insolvent.

Key Areas of Accountability

Responsibility / Activity

The board is responsible for the overall governance, management and strategic direction of the organisation. As a result, the board has ultimate accountability for its activities and performance. Boards are comprised of an organisation’s directors who can only exercise their authority when acting as a collective.

The primary functions of the Board include:

  • determining and approving strategies, objectives and plans for the Association to achieve its goals, in accordance with the NHAA Constitution.
  • ensuring business risks are identified and approving systems and controls to manage those risks and 
monitor compliance;
  • approving the Association’s major policies and procedures where relevant to financial outlook;
  • working with the Board and the Executive Officer in approving financial plans, annual budgets, major capital expenditure and the Association’s remuneration framework;
  • monitoring the EO and business performance in the implementation and achievement of strategic and business objectives;
  • reviewing and approving key management recommendations such as strategic initiatives, restructuring, etc;
  • dealing with matters referred to the Board by NHAA sub-committees and the EO;
  • setting the remuneration of, appointing and removing the EO;
  • Being part of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer is expected to take part in board procedures including appointing and removing the Chair of the Board (President);
  • determining that satisfactory arrangements are in place for auditing the Association’s financial affairs and overseeing the integrity of the Entity’s accounting and corporate reporting systems, including the external audit;
  • meeting statutory and regulatory requirements, overseeing the way in which the business risks and the assets of the Association are managed and ensuring the Association has in place an appropriate risk management framework; and
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the Association’s financial governance practices.

Treasurer responsibilities include:

  • To oversee the financial administration of the Association, review procedures and financial reporting, advise the board on financial strategy, and advise on fundraising;
  • Provide assistance to the EO and Board on any financial matters, including Setting, monitoring and maintaining the NHAA’s budget and cash flow; Assist in the preparation and submission of annual budgets to the Board and manage the same;
  • Monitor the NHAA’s financial position in accordance with budgetary expectations and present to the NHAA Board;
  • Provide financial advice, monitor risk and recommendations to the NHAA’s EO and Board as required.
  • Co-ordinate the annual audit working with the auditor as required;
  • Review annual audited financial statements prior to presentation to the Board for approval;
  • Co-sign annual financial statements with President and present at AGM for approval;
  • Write and present the Treasurer’s report at the AGM;
  • Meet regularly with the EO (and outsourced finance provider, Momenta Advisors) to review and discuss monthly financials
  • Review Financial board report prepared by Momenta Advisors prior to presentation at the Board meeting;

Selection Criteria

Knowledge/ Experience

  • Knowledge of the profession
  • Background at senior levels within the NFP sector
  • Capability and willingness to oversee the practical operational aspects of the Association’s finances, including influencing direction
  • Experience of current corporate governance relevant to voluntary and not for profit organisations

Qualifications/ Accreditations

  • CPA or CA qualification
  • Governance Training (desirable)

Skills/ Abilities

  • Strategic planning, critical thinking and influencing skills
  • Sound understanding of financial reporting and management, payroll, superannuation, GST


  • Act honestly and in good faith in the interests of the Association as a whole.
  • Exercise a degree of care, skill and diligence that a reasonable person in a like position would exercise.