NHAA response to the National Obesity Strategy

β€˜The National Obesity Strategy is a 10-year framework for action to prevent, reduce, and treat, overweight and obesity in Australia. It focuses on prevention, but also includes actions to better support Australians who are living with overweight or obesity, to live their healthiest lives.’
Originally, evidence was based on independent reviews. More than 2,000 individuals and organisations, including the NHAA, provided input for the draft Strategy during 2019-2020. The consultation findings were used to develop the draft Strategy.
As part of a public consultation, the NHAA also responded to the final draft of the National Obesity Prevention Strategy and highlighted the important role of naturopaths as part of early intervention and primary healthcare.
The Strategy aims to enable a more collaborative and comprehensive approach to addressing obesity nationally. It will also provide a way to identify actions and priorities for all levels of government, as well as provide a focus for multisectoral partnerships and collaboration.